3 thoughts on “A Week of Listening to the Public Has Made me Selectively Deaf

  1. All depressingly familiar. I would add:

    “I understand why other dogs should be on leads but my dog is different…”
    “If a bee stings me will I die?”
    “Can we swim in the lake…those danger signs are just for show aren’t they?”
    “The dog walkers/trail runners/mountain bikers/horse riders (delete as appropriate ) are ruining it for everyone”
    “He’said not dangerous he’s just friendly (could be dogs or teenagers)

    In our place we have access bridges over the river and in weak moments I fantasise about blowing them up Arnhem style to keep the mops out…


    • Oh the dog one…every single time! Dog owners are the most myopic of people when it comes to their own dogs. I’ve always had dogs and I have no problem around other people’s dogs, but there are some people (especially in London, and especially in some cultures) who are really not keen on dogs. I’ve seen hulking teenagers run away from Dachsunds. And Swans, don’t get me started on Swans. The general public have a real obsession with Swans for some reason.

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