Aliens and Alcohol – A Beery Diversion

As a subscriber to a London-based ecologist internet group, I get a lot of emails that pertain to important conservation developments and findings in the Capital. I also occasionally get emails about beer. Unsurprising, we’re ecologists after all. This week, someone pointed us in the direction of Bexley Brewery – complete with shiny new Ring-Necked Parakeet logo.

Perfect, I thought. What better way to decide whether an alien species has become ‘naturalised’? No more tricky questions about land-bridges, Ice Ages and Romans – you know the British have taken you to their hearts when you turn up on their alcohol labels.

A tasty new measure of invasiveness

A tasty new measure of invasiveness

So what’s in? A quick scrawl through the internet reveals that along with Parakeets we should be removing Ruddy Ducks, Muntjac and Grey Squirrel from Schedule 9. But what else? Have you seen any others? Apparently people have been making beer out of Japanese Knotweed

This alien species business could be more fun – and more headache inducing – than I ever imagined.


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