Honey Lane Quarter OakMy rampant egotism has led me to write a Nature Blog, just like every bugger else.

I don’t stand out. I’m not particularly original. I have no USP. But I have been working, studying, volunteering and writing about conservation and the environment for most of my adult life. Whether chasing wallabies through marsh and bog on the Isle of Man, wrangling disaffected teenagers in inner city London or trying to catch terrapins on the Regents Canal, I’ve been scratched, stung, bitten, and even punched. But most of all I’ve met dedicated and passionate individuals putting everything into improving their local environments against a backdrop of funding cuts, political apathy and internal bureaucracy. These are my thoughts and observations and entirely separate from whomever I happen to be working for at this exact moment.

Spike may or may not be my real name.

I am currently unavailable for Television work.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m not from Shoreditch (Lewisham) and I definitely don’t think I invented environmental outreach and Nature Deficit Disorder is not mentioned anywhere in the film but otherwise I like your review, Spike, thanks. Email me for chat? We need smart writing for the WILD NETWORK – otherwise it will be taken over by shoreditch copywriting types. V best, David
    ps thanks for watching it twice….


  2. Hi David, thanks for getting in touch and for reading and replying to my post! The whole ethos of Project Wild Thing is something I am completely behind, and an area I have been working to advance for the past 5 years or so. My general issue has been the rapid increase in focus (and resources) towards marketing, fundraising and PR in environmental charities in recent years, leaching energy and focus away from hands-on, front-facing cons, ecology and education staff (I do, granted, have a vested interest here). It’s a theme I’ve written about before, regarding the current ‘Vote Bob’ marketing push by the RSPB, and although I’m not so blind as to not recognise the need for professional marketing campaigns, I am wary of what we lose by straying too close to a ‘business’ model.

    There is also a slight sense in the film that this is a new concept which (again as a not entirely impartial observer) might get practitioner’s backs up a little, though I do understand the need to create a narrative here (well, I think I do. PR isn’t my strong suit, as may be evident!). Would love to discuss further, will email. Cheers, Spike.


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