A Cryptic Message from my Cousin Part 2

My identical cousin has sent me another of his peculiar newsletters again. Same as last time, he insists there is some kind of ‘theme’ that he has secretly hidden throughout the document. No one got (or even cared all that much) about the May edition, which according to him had over 10 song titles by popular musicians ‘The Beatles’ (no, me neither) scattered throughout the text.

I have mentioned to him that he should perhaps take his work more seriously, but he claims that an element of levity is all part of the ‘community engagement’ process, whatever that means.

So once again, its prize time! Not only will the first person to find the theme in this month’s edition (or respond with all 10 Beatles songs in the May edition) get the inique prize of a lifetimes free subscription to Adventures in Conservation but I will also promise to link to your blog on here and comment on everything you write next month. Either that or you can claim a free pack of peanuts.


A Cryptic Message From My Cousin

Today my slightly-less-attractive-yet-nearly-identical, wage-slave cousin sent me a Cryptic Quiz in the form of his project newsletter. I’m not sure what he’s on about, he’s been reading about the Zodiac recently and I think its given him ideas (about cryptography, not the murdery stuff. At least I hope not).

Anyway, there is the usual prize of a free lifetime subscription to Adventures in Conservation to anyone who can help me work out the answer. He claims there are at least 10 clues in there.

(It also might be of interest to anyone working on urban greenspace projects)