Projects and Links

I’ve worked on a wide range of ecology and environmental outreach projects over the last ten years that have given me experience in a lot of different areas. These have included:

Ballaugh Curragh Wallabies – Isle of Man – I conducted the first scientific study of a feral population of Wallabies on the Isle of Man, producing the first population estimate and assessing their impact on the Ballaugh Curragh Ramsar site. This involved chasing Wallabies through bog and marshes at stupid hours of the day for 6 weeks.

Epping Forest – Branching Out Project – Working on the Branching Out Project at Epping Forest I improved outreach to new sectors of the community and also completed the Epping Forest Visitor Survey.

London Wildlife Trust – Earn Your Travel Back – For two years I ran the Earn Your Travel Back project at the London Wildlife Trust, introducing teenagers who were generally apathetic and occasionally terrified of nature to practical conservation. The project introduced over 2,000 young people to volunteering.

British Association of Nature Conservationists – Some of my previous articles can be found in copies of the BANC journal ECOS.

…and if your interested in improving your species ID skills, I have produced a range of quizzes for my volunteers over the last few years, why not give some of these a go?:

Deer, Bird Sounds, British Wading Birds, British Bats, Newt Facts, Fish, Wildflower, Wildlife sounds, Geese, Ducks and Swans, Mushrooms for beginners, British Butterflies, British Brown Birds, Amphibians and Reptiles, Raptors, Invasive Species, Tree leaves and bark.


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